Thank you for coming out to see The Tempest!

The actors came from all over the country, converged two days before opening night and thrilled audiences with  lively, spontaneous & delightful playing of one of Shakespeare's most beloved plays. We appreciate your enthusiastic support!

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The 2017 UpstART Season made possible by:

A generous grant from the Telluride Foundation toward continued development of programming at the Wright Opera House

Support from KJ Wood Distillers

 Tanya Ishikawa and Ben Tisdel

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Fri 7/28 - Mon 7/31

The Wright Opera House

472 Main St, Ouray, CO

What people are saying about No Holds Bard Shakespeare Festival

“They do Shakespeare so differently from the dry and safe format we've all gotten used to.” 

The TEMPEST        

Thogh with their high wrongs I am strook to th'quick,

Yet, with my nobler reason, gainst my furie

Doe I take part: the rarer Action is

In vertue, then in vengeance: they, being penitent,

The sole drift of my purpose doth extend

Not a frowne further: Goe, release them Ariell,

My Charmes Ile breake, their sences Ile restore,

And they shall be themselves.

a NO HOLDS BARD presentation

Magic, shipwreck, love, vengeance, justice, and mercy,

performed with the energy, intensity, and delight that Shakespeare intended.


“I've never had so much fun watching a Shakespeare play! No Holds Bard has opened up a whole new world to me.”